After having Guzzler drip oil on my garage floor for the past two years I decided it was finally time to do something about it. Actually, that isn't how it happened. I saw a post on GeoMetroForum.Com by StarScream5000 that finally got my butt in gear. I would have probably continued dripping oil if he hadn't done his o-ring replacement job and did a write up about it on the forum. Anyway, here is what I did to stop the oil from dripping down the driver side of my engine, my tranny and then onto my garage floor:

Unclip the wire connector coming from the distributer:

Pull the wire from the coil to the distributor cap:

Mark the top and both sides so you will not have to redo your timing once the job is complete. If you still have your timing set to the factory 5 BTDC now is a good time to set it to 8 (well, after the job is done you can set it):

There are 4 bolts to remove. The two small ones are to remove the distributor cap. They have phillips/bolt heads on them. You can use an 8MM wrench if they are tight. Once the cap has been removed (keep the spark plug wires attached) you can use a T40 Torx wrench to remove the two large ones. They hold the distributor in place:

Just a pic of the two alignment marks I put on the sides:

A quick yank and the distributor will pop out into your hand and spill oil all over your garage floor (you have been warned). The style section of your local paper will make cleanup a breeze. The distributor only goes back in one way but if you are nervous you can align it by looking at the groove (it is only on one side):

You should be sure not to scratch the machined surface (under the o-ring) or you will be very sorry. I carefully slid a screwdriver under the old o-ring and then even more carefully used a razor blade to cut it in half. It goes without saying but you should have your new o-ring before cutting the old one off. Of course, I didn't and spent an hour or so frantically driving around town trying to get another one:

In my search for a new o-ring I went to three places. The first was Advanced Auto and they wanted to sell me a rubber o-ring (rubber would have been eaten up by the oil) that did not have the correct dimensions (ID 15/16", OD 1-3/16", Thickness 1/8"). The second place I went was a Chevy dealership that wanted my VIN# (which I did not have at the time) and told me that it was a $12 part that could be picked up the next day. They did say there was one in Kingstree, SC (53 miles away) if I wanted to make the trip. The third place I went was NAPA. They took my Dorman #64213 part number (I've heard Fel-Pro 419 also works), cross referenced it and sold me the correct o-ring for $0.69 (well, $0.75 after tax). I was so happy I gave the girl behind the counter all the money in change I had - 87 cents!

One note - remember to lubricate the new o-ring with some oil on your finger before installing it. It makes the job easier and could possibly keep it from ripping during the install or first use. The distributor will feel a little snug when you put it back in but this is normal.